Sync Orbit Missions Created in our Devices to Mission Hub

I have created several orbit missions on my mobile device however despite being connected to the same network, being logged into the same (and only) Litchi account, and having “sync local missions” turned on, the orbit missions are not visible in the Litchi Mission Hub.

How do I get this to work please?

The Mission Hub is ONLY for waypoint missions.
Orbits are saved locally ONLY.

If you want to transfer Orbits to other devices, you have to do this manually.

On android devices the path is:
Google play store version (-g):
Amazon version (-a):

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May I ask what the use of syncing orbits to the hub would be?
Transfering data between devices, got it, okay… somehow that didn’t click until I wrote this.

But my point is that orbits are generally easy to replicate, unless you are trying for a long term orbit that needs precise alignments with the previous ones?

Yes that’s it… long term replication at sites so that battery time is wasted figuring out the best radius and gimble angles etc. Just turn up and get it done.

You could try this:

Thankyou Wes – I will explore this today.

Why does Lichti Mission Hub not support saving orbits ???