Smooth Flyovers?

I am very new to the app but I am wondering how to do a smooth flyover focused on a single POI? It seems really jerky and the subject is out of frame while the camera flys by and goes from forward heading to reverse heading. If that makes any sense at all. I can include a virtual mission of the step I am trying to accomplish.

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When planning the Litchi flight using the Mission Hub try creating all turns with gradual curvature, so there are as few abrupt changes in direction as possible. Set up a test flight with the point of interest at the center of a wide circle to see how the footage compares with what you’re currently seeing.

Hi Edward,

Yes, “fly overs” are tricky if you want to stay focused on the thing you want to fly over without having the drone spin around as soon as it passes that thing.

Assuming that you have a POI positioned on the thing you want to fly over, try adding another POI beyond that thing. Then, add an additional waypoint, again beyond your fly over POI.

If I totally miss-interpreted your question, I may need to see your mission.

Thats kind of what i was thinking, it is a straight line flyover when I initialy planned the waypoints I only have 2 as it is nearing the POI so adding a bunch more focused on that same POI and maybe slowing the AC down could potentially help. Thanks for confirming my thoughgts. Ill let you know how it goes.

I’ve been unable to get Litchi to follow a POI smoothly even with a simple circular orbit of a spot.
Example: Circling a small, foggy island at Lillydale Lake - YouTube (4x speed)

Here’s what the DJI Fly app does for circling a POI (also sped up) - smooth as glass - Orbit 5-way Mooroolbark intersection - DJI Fly app version - YouTube

Might be worth comparing the same videos

Your second video is a hyperlapse made of photos, and the stabilization effect is also applied on it.

I would suggest flying the first one slower and maybe a bigger radius

And then cut half the frames and speed up the video a 6 times

Thanks for the tips - it’s been too rainy here lately for me to try again but I will do some more comparison testing and get back to y’all with any results of interest.

OK I had a few minutes today to do another trip around that island with my Mini 3 (and DJI app of course) - No Youtube links allowed it seems but the video ID is qNEN74QoTiI

As someone pointed out above, yes it’s a Hyperlapse, but however it’s done, I’m trying to get similar smoothness with the Litchi app. And I’m speeding up the video using the old Microsoft Hyperlapse app!

Make a hyperlapse with litchi. Take photos and at 3 second intervals. Then create a hyperlapse in adobe premier / Light room

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Can you make an octagonal figure with dji fly, at different heights and several different points of interest? :slight_smile:

So I take this to mean Litchi doesn’t have a mode or setting enabling smoothly tracking a POI?

I already own Litchi, I like it, I’m aware it offers a lot of other features the DJI Fly app does not. I also have the DJI Fly app available on both my drones now that it supports Android 13. I have no plans to use Adobe tools (I’m deathly sick of them after close to 30 years of occasional use, meaning I forget details in between and get to relearn everything each @#$*% time I open one up, so I’m done!)

I only asked 'cos I thought I was overlooking something, or using the Litchi app improperly. If it doesn’t offer this capability, I’ll just use DJI Fly when I need that and Litchi will do other things for me.

Litchi has smooth poi tracking

Then you’d better use android apps vn, powerdurector, cut, etc.

OK, how do I do this? Can you explain what I’ve been doing wrong previously?

I used to edit video professionally, I have my own preferred tools if I need them, thanks. Just asking about Litchi specifically, here!

Then I don’t understand why you do hyperlapses on dji fly auto settings. Professionals work only with raw image format.

Create a mission with curves. Camera orientation to poi.

Because I’m doing this for fun. And not all “professionals” need to use RAW - I made mostly instructional videos. I became familiar with dozens of editing systems over the years.
I worked with people in the TV industry early on, and they’re all psychos for image quality (which made even less sense in those days with analog SD video!) well beyond what the human eye could distinguish. I had no appetite to obsess over the decimal places of a particular spec, I just want to get the point across, so I moved towards jobs where the content mattered more than the crispness.

OK, I’ve done that - [Turns out you can’t post You-Tube links but this is the video ID:] Q_snt9AHU7U - flown today.
Here’s the mission: Mission Hub - Litchi - all curves, one POI. Hopefully you can see what settings I’ve got wrong?

Jerkiest camera moves yet. Even at normal speed it’s evident. Given how well Litchi handles the movements of the drone itself, I’m stumped as to the reason why.