Setting up in-air waypoint for long-term photo project


I am flying a Mavic 2 Pro, and using the DJI and Litchi Apps on an iPad.

My question is in regards to set-up individual waypoints (best with specific gimbal position). I do NOT need to fly a complete mission, but my idea is rather to fly/ photograph at first manually - see sample attached, of a construction site where I should photography regularly in the coming months.

Means I simply want to shoot a handful of different positions, and I would like to replicate this in the future. But with keeping manual control of the camera settings.

  1. I am quite new to Litchi - how to achieve this? Could I fly to a certain position first, and then save this location (and gimbal settings) as waypoint 1?

  2. And how could I replicate positions - like the ones shown - if they were initially taken with the DJI App?

Any suggestions? THANKS!


If done completely within Litchi this is an easy task. You can configure Litchi to save a waypoint with the press of your C1 or C2 buttons. Go into your Litchi Settings on the Litchi app and toward the bottom you will see where you can configure these buttons.

Then, fly to a location, frame your photo and press the C1 (or C2) button (whichever one you configured to save a waypoint). Do this as many times as you want photos.

Save this mission for future use. It will be important to configure a couple more things:

  1. Set your “Path Mode” to straight lines
  2. Create actions at each waypoint (wait for 1 seconds; take photo)

It is more difficult to replicate photos you have already taken with the DJI Fly app. It’s not impossible, but difficult. If you want to pursue this there are a couple things to try:

  1. Check the EXIF data of your existing DJI Fly photos. They will have the GPS coordinates that you could plug into a Litchi mission.
  2. Have a look at my “AirData to Litchi Converter”

Thank you for this detailed reply! Will try over the weekend!

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