Setting up a "POI at device"

Hi everybody,

I’ve installed the V4.26.9-g on android, but I cannot figure out how to add a “POI at device” in the WAYPOINT mode.

I’m flying a DJI Air 2, even on the forum I couldn’t find anything

Any suggestion?


Tap the WP button (upper-right corner between the lock sign & wrench sign) and it changes color from white to blue. Now you are in POI mode until you tap it again.

Ok thanks, but isn’ that just a normal POI, I mean static?

The “POI at device” as far as I read on the maual seems to be like a dinamic POI:

From the “Litchi User Guide”

1. Place a POI at your location in one of the two following methods

    1. Press the Add POI button and press the blue dot, which represents the location of the RC, on the map screen or*
    1. Press a Custom Button that has been set to “POI at Device”.*

The first option is the one you said above, what about the second?


Yes, both methods are static POIs.

Litchi does not support dynamic POIs.
It is a feature request you can vote for: