Sdk released mini 3 when will litchi be updated and we can use it for the mini 3?

I wanted to know if Litchi will update their app soon and we will be able to add the Mini 3 drone (the normal one, not the Pro) to be able to do follow-ups, waitpoints…etc…(as in the Mini 2)

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I would like to know if Litchi will also be usable on RCs with a built-in screen.
Or will it only be possible on smartphones??
Thank you

Only RC’s that allow installing 3rd party apps.

-DJI RC (RM330)
-DJI RC 2 (RC331)

-Phantom 4 Pro+ (plus)
-Smart Controller (RM500)
-DJI RC Pro (RM510)

-DJI Crystal Sky
-Epson BT300 (discontinued)