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In the User Guide, there is a setting described under Waypoint Settings, called Rotation ( Rotation : When two consecutive waypoints have different headings, the aircraft will smoothly rotate from the first heading to the next. This setting defines the direction in which the aircraft will rotate, clockwise or anti-clockwise.). This setting is not there anymore in the actual WP settings menu on my browser. What is the current algorithm to define the rotation? I have seen that when the A/C moves towards a next WP with a new POI, it seems to have a tendency to rotate clockwise, even though that means an almost full turn. This only seems to happen when switching between POI’s.

A quick search brought me to this thread:


Hi @Yordie , thanks for the quick response. I now see the issue. I setup my missions on the website (Mission Hub - Litchi). When I open that mission on the Litchi app, I do see the parameters for rotation. When I open that mission on the website, the rotation parameters are missing…

For whatever reason, those “rotation options” are only available in the app and not in the Mission Hub.


In the app, under settings (the icon on the left with the gear) scroll down to rotations and set it to managed and it will then rotate the way you expect it to.

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@DragonFly_Aerials , thanks for your elaboration. This is now clear for me. The issue started because I was solely using the browser to prepare my routes and this setting is missing from the browser…

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This would be useful to appear within the Mission Hub so that a COMPLETE mission could be planned without the need for further editing in the app. I wonder if there is a solid reason.

“Rotation Direction” is a global setting, NOT a Mission setting.
This means it applies to EVERY mission you fly.

So the same mission can have 3 different behaviours, ALL rotations either:

  1. Auto (shortest angle)
  2. Clockwise
  3. Anti-Clockwise
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I tried to enter 3, but I got this error :
Error: invalid rotation direction for waypoint 1 (0 for clockwise, 1 for counterclockwise)

What version of Litchi are you using ?

thank you for assisting to find the rotation option only in litchi app. I see it there but it is greyed out. I saw the settings for heading must be custom which i have entered but still greyed out. Can you give me some suggestions as to why it is greyed out and what i need to change please

I am struggling to select the rotation direction between waypoints. I have found where it is now on the app instead of the computer, but it is greyed out. can you advise how to get this to work please!

There are 2 settings:

In Mission Settings: “Rotation Direction”, Managed / Manual

In Waypoint settings: “Rotation”, Clockwise / Anticlockwise
only available when: “Rotation Direction” is set to Manual

So easy when you know. Did not see the waypoint setting further down on the app. Would be great if on web browser. First time I used a blog for help. I could have shamed myself hours of looking had I reached out sooner. Thank you !