Return To Home with waypoint problem

When I create waypoints on my home pc it doesn’t recognize home point when flight is finished. It tries to land at last waypoint. What am I overlooking?

Check that you have set return to home as the default action.
In Litchi Mission hub > settings > Finish Action > RTH.


Thank you for the response. I did do that. It seems to be trying to return to home but misses by about 20 feet. I was wondering if the problem is that my last waypoint and my home point are to close together.

What drone do you have,
Did the controller say " Home point has been recorded …check it on the map " when you took off ?
Did you calibrate the compass.

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Have a look at this topic:

I calibrated the compass and tried it again and all went perfectly. I’ll be sure to do it more often. Thank you for the tip.

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