IOS Version, DJI MIni SE - Not RTH at end of Mission

Using latest versions of software and firmware. When flying a Mission, everything functions as expected except that drone lands at final waypoint and is not returning to home (I’ve checked the settings multiple times and they are set to RTH). Mission was created in Mission Hub.

Is there a fix for this? Anyone else having this problem?

Please read your drone’s manual.
According to the DJI Mini SE User Manual page 14:
"If the aircraft is less than 20m from the Home Point when the RTH-procedure begins, it lands immediately.

Thanks so much. I’m fairly certain that the final waypoint is within the 20m and that would explain it. Will test with a different, >20m, final waypoint.

Also check your RTH altitude, set it higher than the highest object in the flightpath region.

RTH altitude is higher than highest object. I checked the original final waypoint and you’re absolutely spot on…it was within 20m of the Home location. Just edited it. Thanks again.

I’ve always wondered why the function was to land if <20m from home rather than flying home. Do you know why this is set up this way? Thanks again for your previous help.

You will have to ask DJI that question.
I’m quite happy with it (because I know it).

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