Rerunning Waypoints & rehearsed shots

Hey Litchi folks!

I want to do bike drone videos with my mini 2, which as a solo editor, requires a lot of autonomy. I do know about follow-mode and leashing.

Shot example - 120meter linear decline while rotating clockwise on it’s way down
my question: if I replay the waypoint later, as example @ 3seconds800ms, will it be in the exact position as the previous take?

Another shot example -
I have the drone near head level (prop guards, very quiet area, many satellites) flying by me as I bike by, what will the accuracy be like for this type of shot?

I have many camera path ideas, but let start with these for now. I haven’t purchased litchi because I’m worried about the feature set not being what I’m looking for and being too late to refund.

Verily I doth sayeth unto thee Mark5, that Litchi is worth that $25 for the waypoint capabilities alone. Go on, buy a copy today. You know you want to fly waypoint missions, so don’t hold back. Just buy Litchi already and live life to the fullest. Hell, you could spend $25 on a low-budget date and still not …, but with Litchi you are assured to get your money’s worth.

The fact that you are writing to this forum means that you survived Covid19, so treat yourself by obtaining a copy of Lithi right away.

The Oracle has spoken.

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Position accuracy (Horizontal & Vertical) depends on:

  1. Number of locked satelites.
  2. Compass callibration.
  3. Windspeed.
  4. Changes in air pressure.
  5. Kp-index
  6. Solar activities
    And for VSC-drones and camera-viewpoint:
  7. Quality of the Control signal.
    Mini2 not reaching a waypoint - oscillating around it
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This oscillating bug can happen regularly but really depends on the area of filming? Is the software designed when in ideal conditions to work consistently?

It’s not a bug and yes it depends on the area: