Pausing issues with Litchi Waypoint mapping

I am using waypoint mapping with ancientland and loaded to Litchi. All seems good until it is in flight. In all cases it pauses mid-air and stays on waypoint 3.

What am I missing.


More info is needed.
Drone model?
iOS or Android?
Litchi version?
Shared mission will help, also.
Here is help on sharing a mission, if you havent done that before.

Issue: drone stops on waypoint 4

I assume it’s WP4 (not WP3) ?

I think this will also happen at WP7.


The settings “Rotation Direction” & “Rotation” have been removed by Litchi, with the result that heading changes always select the smallest possible angle. Because the 2 headings between WP4-WP5 and WP7-WP8 differ by exactly 180°, the drone (Litchi) does not know what to do (rotate Clockwise or Counterclockwise).

If this is indeed the case, this is a bug in Litchi.


-Set “Path Mode” to “Straight Lines”. This is a requirement to be able to perform waypoint actions (Take Photo).
-Set “Heading Mode” to “Auto”.

We have identified the issue; it happens due to a perfectly straight curve at waypoint 3 which restricts the drone’s speed to 0 due to a bug in Litchi. It is not related to rotations/headings. We will release new versions shortly (iOS may take a bit longer)

Thank you for reporting it!