Pausing issues with Litchi Waypoint mapping

I am using waypoint mapping with ancientland and loaded to Litchi. All seems good until it is in flight. In all cases it pauses mid-air and stays on waypoint 3.

What am I missing.


More info is needed.
Drone model?
iOS or Android?
Litchi version?
Shared mission will help, also.
Here is help on sharing a mission, if you havent done that before.

Issue: drone stops on waypoint 4

I assume it’s WP4 (not WP3) ?

I think this will also happen at WP7.


The settings “Rotation Direction” & “Rotation” have been removed by Litchi, with the result that heading changes always select the smallest possible angle. Because the 2 headings between WP4-WP5 and WP7-WP8 differ by exactly 180°, the drone (Litchi) does not know what to do (rotate Clockwise or Counterclockwise).

If this is indeed the case, this is a bug in Litchi.


-Set “Path Mode” to “Straight Lines”. This is a requirement to be able to perform waypoint actions (Take Photo).
-Set “Heading Mode” to “Auto”.

We have identified the issue; it happens due to a perfectly straight curve at waypoint 3 which restricts the drone’s speed to 0 due to a bug in Litchi. It is not related to rotations/headings. We will release new versions shortly (iOS may take a bit longer)

Thank you for reporting it!


Hello Sir. Any update on this?

this bug was fixed in march What's new - Litchi

When using waypoint mapping with ancientland and loading it to Litchi, if your drone pauses mid-air and remains at waypoint 3, several issues might be causing this problem. First, check the settings for waypoint 3 in Litchi to ensure no pauses or actions are inadvertently set. Signal interference or connectivity issues might also be affecting the flight. Additionally, confirm that both your drone firmware and the Litchi app are updated to the latest versions. Reconfiguring the waypoints and performing a simplified test flight may help identify the issue. If the problem persists, contacting Litchi support is advisable.

To enhance the accuracy and reliability of your mapping projects, consider using drone GCP (Ground Control Points). These markers provide precise reference points on the ground, ensuring accurate georeferencing and alignment of your maps. Utilizing drone GCP markers will significantly improve the precision and quality of your aerial surveys.

The issue causing the problem describe in the OP has already been diagnosed and resolved through a software update as stated above. While some of your points are good troubleshooting steps, they are largely irrelevant at this point.