Orbit start distance to far from start point?

Recently i wanted to start an orbit session with my mini 2 and litchi (android).
The subject was however a bit further away from the starting point where the drone was going to take of. Guess the distance towards the starting orbit circle was about 400 meters.
But when hitting the start after setting the orbit settings, the drone did not take off.
And i received an error message that distance is to far away.
What are the specified limits ? Can anybody clarify? Or is this a bug?

What was the radius of the orbit?

The radius was 70 meters. So that should not be the problem i believe

I once flew an orbit with a radius of 85 meter.
The take-off point was 620 meters from the center, so 555 meters to the nearest point on the orbit.

I don’t know what the distance limit exactly is.

You say about 400m
Can you check this on google earth and determin the exact distance, then post it here.

Also have a look here: