Offline Mapping?

Hi - I’m looking at trying Litchi and conduction with WebODM to allow offline mapping on a variety of drones. I NEED to be able to do it all entirely offline.

Is it possible to cache or preload large scale basemaps (ie. entire provinces/states) onto my tablet (currently using a Samsung A7 and an iPad)? Can I then revisit this map over multiple days while I am offline to develop photo grid missions using the pre-loaded basemaps?

I am looking for the more efficient way of being able to take my equipment into the field, and operate as required without reliable internet/cellular reception.

Thanks guys!

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You can cache maps within the Litchi App (internet connection required) by moving the map to the desired location and zooming in/out.
However, it’s very limited. Don’t expect to be able to zoom in/out a lot in the field.

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