Crashing On Moto e

I bought this app because DJI Fly will not install on my 32bit Moto e phone. tt installed fine and launched and asked for various permissions, which I granted, but it now crashes when I launch it.

  • Is it crashing because the drone is not connected?
  • Is ti crashing because my chip is in 32-bit mode?
  • Should it still run otherwise? (I obviously just wanted to see it running regardless)
  • If this thing keeps crashing when my Mini SE shows up Tuesday, how do I go about getting a refund?


Ok, I reverted back to the build in this thread… App Unstable on Android Tablet and it stopped crashing.

The question is: Is that build stable? Can I trust it?

Yes, however Litchi is NO replacement for the official DJI app, you will still need it.
You can’t fly an unactivated (new) drone with litchi, only the DJI app can activate a new drone.

Look here:

Thanks for the information. I’d also ordered a refurbished Pixel 4, something on that list they published that was not expensive. I will use that for everything but remote flying since it will be Wi-Fi only and have no map capability with no phone service.

For (satelite) maps look here:

You don’t have to have DJI fly app to load the required firmware in your mini SE. I use the DJI Assistant for Mavic on my laptop windows 10.

Thanks a lot. My drone should be arriving today so I’ll definitely give that a try as the phone I ordered won’t be here until Thursday.

Much appreciated. This is a really friendly community. :vulcan_salute: