No photos taken

Hi all,
i use a DJI Air 2s and have some missions saved.
The missions have 5-6 waypoints with one or 2 poi.
On every waypoint i have a stay for 5 secs, tage photo, stay 5 secs.
Die drone fly correct to waypoint 1, but the gimbal does nothing. The drone takes a photo, then the gimbal nicks down to poi and the drone fly to waypoint 2. The drone does not halt on waypoint 2 and does not take another photo, he fly to all other waypoints without sty what i have programmed, and he take no more photo. Where is the problem in my program???

can you please share your mission so that we can take a proper look

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How to share a Mission in the Mission Hub:

Actions at Waypoints are ignored in a waypoint mission with Curved Turns.

Interpolate needs 2 adjacent waypoints to work.

i found the problem with missing photo-shots. It´s the “curved turn”. After change to “straight line” the photos are taken on every waypoint, but the first photo is not correct on the poi. Only “after” the first shot the gimbal adjust to the poi.

‘Focus POI’ works the same as ‘Interpolate’, a gradual change in gimbal pitch whilst flying from 1 point to the next, and therefore needs 2 waypoints to work.
Just insert a waypoint between WP1 and WP2 and edit/move them as desired.