New to litchi not connecting

I have Dji mini 3 pro with the rc remote you know the one with the screen anyway I wanted to try it in fpv mode so got the rc1n controller linked up great with my lphone flys perfectly but when I connect to litchi it says disconnected at the top I have tried every port on the controller and deleted all the Dji apps still no joy
Any idea

DJI mini 3 pro is not compatible with litchi as DJI have not released the SDK for it


Thank you for the quick response all I can say that was a waste of money then​:joy::joy:
Hopefully they release it sometime


It pays to do research before making purchases, if you can pick up a cheap mini 2, then you’ll appreciate the benefit of 3rd party programs such as litchi, makes the 2 a far better drone than the 3

All is not lost I can now use my iPad so my old eyes can see