NEW 10,000 waypoints!

I have never used more than 90 waypoints, maybe just 200 extra would have been sufficient !
We can now expect some stunningly complicated videos being put on Youtube !


Wow, ten thousand waypoints is a mind-boggling increase from just 99 for sure. My Mavic Pro’s battery would run out long before the 200th waypoint is overflown, but who knows, battery technology could suddenly see a revolutionary new design evolution capable of powering a drone’s flight duration for say 2 hours or more. Maybe such a new battery could be manufactured as a direct replacement for many of DJI’s current battery shapes and connector configurations.

Whether the engines can stay working that long without overheating would be another matter altogether though.

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Have either of you ever looked at a csv file from a flight, absolutely thousands of lines, each of which could represent a waypoint


Can anyone explain how this capacity increase works if, for DJI, the number of waypoints on the Mavic 2 Pro remains the same 99, including the up, down and other commands?
On 5/23/2022 I asked DJI how many waypoints the Mavic 2 pro accepts and they replied that it is 99. Or are the 10,000 waypoints not for Mavic 2?
But I saw on a forum that they did a firmware update and the number went up to 65,535. I asked again and am waiting for the answer to know who is lying.

I am now wondering how many waypoints can be used
before the Mavic 2 Pro internal memory fills up,
or the battery runs out,
or how long it would take in Mission Hub to make a mission
of only 1000 waypoints …
Any dronie nerds out there who have a weekend of nothing else to do ?

Can not wait to try the Litchi Vue in VR. If the lag is very low it will be nice to use an old phone for FPV and still have the main phone hooked to the controller and all connected via hotspot on the phone.

I’m pretty sure that on the older drones (Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, etc.) the limit will remain to be 99 waypoints. You will probably get an error if you try to load a mission with more.

However, the newer, “virtual stick” drones can handle any number of waypoints because they are not pre-loaded into the drone. 10,000 is a ridiculously large number, but setting it high like this will accommodate anyone who wants to go crazy with waypoints.

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You will not get an error, Litchi will chain as many 99 waypoint missions as needed. Signal is required when a mission is being uploaded


What will happen to older drones when ‘Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss’ is turned Off, and signal is lost before the first block of 99 waypoints is finished.

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The drone will end the current mission up to waypoint 99 then stop there. Eventually it will RTH when low battery is reached. There is a warning to alert the user that having signal is required when uploading missions with more than 99 waypoints for older drone models

So standard failsafe feature.
Perhaps it’s possible to immediately RTH at that point?
Just a suggestion.

If you want the drone to RTH upon signal loss, you can do that by disabling ‘Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss’ and setting standard failsafe to RTH
We can not ask the drone to RTH when one mission ends, or it will cause issues when you don’t loose signal and just want the mission to continue


I just got the new response from DJI support and they confirmed that for the Mavic 2 Pro drone and other older models the number of waypoints is still 99.
I was asked for the DJI forum link where someone said the firmware update made the limit go to 65,535. They also asked for the drone and controller firmware (of course I don’t have it and it wasn’t written on the forum).
We have to make do with the 99.

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Let me see if I understand.
If the mission has more than 99 waypoints, will Litchi keep running it, even if the drone doesn’t support it, but as long as the mission complement is loaded by Litchi?
But for Litchi to load - automatically - the continuity of the mission, the user must be in an area that has an internet signal?
That is, in a rural area, without internet, the mission will be interrupted and the drone stopped there where the 99 waypoints were completed waiting for the battery to reach the limit for automatic return or for the user to activate the RTH directly on the remote control. This is it?

You can do missions with more than 99 waypoints with all drones.
For older drones (the ones that use DJI Go as main app) which are limited to 99 waypoints in their firmware, Litchi will upload the first 99 waypoints, then once the drone has completed that mission, Litchi will upload the next 99 waypoints, etc until the end of your mission. For this to work, whenever Litchi uploads a mission, you need to be in signal range of the drone. Internet is not needed.

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Perfectly understood.
It is enough that the drone is under the operator’s view, it is understood that it is almost certain that the signal is in connection between the drone and the control. Right?
What the Litchi application did was to give the user of older models of DJI drones the freedom (even exaggerated, because for 10,000 waypoints there will be practically no missions) to have efficiency in the missions of their work. This is sensational.
I need to test.
Thanks for the information.

So I tried the 3d goggles on Litchi Vue. Sorry to say it was a failer. It ran at about 1 fps about a second delayed.

The host connected to the controller was an iPhone 11 with everything turned off in the background that can be and the client was an iPhone 7. The iPhone 11 shares its internet direct with iPhone 7.

This setup has worked to stream using Teamview, but that is not 3d and its delay is about 1/4 to and 1/8 of a second. I was hoping for that.

Still love the app for waypoint missions. If you have any suggestions on the setup please let me know.

Litchi Vue requires a WiFi connection between the 2 devices, NOT an internet connection.

Well, they need a connection that is TCP/IP. I think the admin understood what I meant, but to be tech the iPhone 11 was being a DHCP server to the iPhone 7 and the wifi ap. It should be the most direct connection. If there is a more direct way to connect the Iphone7/Vue I am all ears.

Try personal wifi hostpot + disable bluetooth, should work no problem. You can also lower the Litchi Vue bitrate in the Litchi settings

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