My drone crashed during waypoint mission

My drone crashed during Waypoints mission,
I have selected above the ground option for 50 M altitude when I selected that option the other number by the syde of the 50M was showing 3M we get 2 numbers when we select above the ground option kindly any one let me know why my drone crashed link of my video

The 50 M is the height that the drone is flying above the ground.
The 3 m in white numbers is the height of the drone relative to where
it took off = you were standing on high ground.
That is not any problem.

The problem is may be you set the drone to fly at max speed 55 Kmh.
The drone is not flying at 55 Kmh in the video.

The drone may not be happy with this speed,
Try mission again making all the waypoint speeds less.

If that does not work, maybe there is a fault in the Litchi app
or your phone.
Unload it and install again.

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Which dji model can fly 54km/h in intelligent mode?

It’s fair that the drone crashed.

Simulate the mission in VLM before trying it with your drone.

I solved the problem my drone crashed because my first way point was in the top of the mountain 70m above as the mountain and my home point was at the bottom of the mountain. drone came down relative to ground hight it strated coming down on the 13th waypoint it reached 3.5 m even the hight of the waypoint is 50 M today I corrected my mistake and flew again drone completed mission successfuly



You can set the altitude relative to the takeoff point. Why would you use sea level?

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Hi Umesh Kilari 369, can you explain exactly what you change in your setting mission to correct it ?
thanks , Gordon

I changed first Waypoint position form the top of the mountain to bottom of the mountain that is Home point was set at bottom of the mountain and second waypoint on the top of the mountain it solved the problem

Ok thanks, can be useful!

You set waypoint 13 to 50 metres above the ground.
It should have been 50 metres above the ground at that point,
where-ever it took off from.
Not because your first way point was at the top of the mountain.

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Thank you Sir I will take care next time