Multiple Waypoints at Same Lat/Long and Different Altitudes

New to Litchi. Thanks for your help.

Could someone please tell me can I set multiple waypoints to have the same latitude/longitude location but different altitudes? Also, what is the minimum altitude to which I can set a waypoint?

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Yes you can, but it takes some effort:
Place all the waypoint you need next to each other with their desired height, then edit/copy the desired coördinates to each of them.
This method works both in the Mission Hub and the Litchi app (you have to enable ‘Show GPS Coordinates’ in General Settings).

-200 meters.

For all DJI SDK Limits, check this topic:

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Yes you can.
If you use Tribar’s instructions above.
And if you set a rotational angle for every metre increase in height, it gives a good effect.
See the last part of this video from 5:10
although this climb is also set at an angle of 80 degrees from horizontal to continue travelling in the
same direction.