Mission Hub Updates 2023-11-18

Many of you may have noticed that the Mission Hub has received an update. Here are a few of the changes. If anyone knows of changes not listed here, please add them to this thread.

  • The map type (street, satellite, hybrid, terrain) has been moved from the main window into the Settings dialog.

  • A POI button has been added to the menu of icons on the left side of the window. With this new option there are two ways to add a POI:

    1. Right-clicking
    2. Select the POI icon then left-clicking

    This new option will make it easier for Mac users who have only one mouse button, to add a POI.

  • A ‘+’ (plus sign) has been added to mission segments between waypoints. Now, in addition to pressing the “Insert” key on the keyboard to insert a waypoint, one can click on the ‘+’ sign to insert a waypoint.

  • The waypoint markers have received an updated/more modern look similar to those used in DJI Fly.

  • A handy readout of ground elevation under each waypoint relative the waypoint number 1 is now displayed in the waypoint dialog. This is very useful to those planning missions in other than flat territory. This information is only displayed if the “Use Online Elevation” option is checked in the Settings dialog.

  • The behavior of the waypoint dialog has been changed so that when using a lower-resolution display, the top of the waypoint dialog is always visible. Resize the browser window to see this new behavior.

  • The “Settings” icon has been changed to a gear icon, freeing up a bit of display space.

  • The “Previous” and “Next” waypoint icons have been moved to the top of the waypoint dialog.


Unfortunately, this update appears to have introduced a bug in Virtual Litchi Mission (the application).

In Virtual Litchi Mission, when clicking on the globe icon to send the mission to Google Earth Pro, an extraneous waypoint is also inserted into the mission.

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I also noticed on the Main Home page Top Right corner the Link to the Forum has gone.

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its impossible to access the standard right click menu, every time you try it just places a POI, this is not good

If a mission is previously created on the screen, it is now possible to insert a new POI,
without any of the the nearest waypoints automatically jumping to point to the new POI.
This is a super improvement.

As Wes pointed out …
In Virtual Litchi Mission, when clicking on the globe icon to send the mission to Google Earth Pro,
an extraneous waypoint is also inserted into the mission.
( continuing from the final waypoint in a random direction and distance )
This is annoying.

What right-click item were you used to using in the Mission Hub which is no longer available?

Wes the normal standard web page right click menu for refreshing the web page etc, try accessing that when in the hub, you end up with a POI


Hmmm. I’ve always placed a POI by right-clicking. I don’t recall ever seeing that menu while in the Mission Hub. I normally use Firefox. I don’t know if that affects the right-click behavior.

If you used to get this menu when right-clicking, how did you place a POI?

Can’t remember as ages since I’ve used it, tend to use the easier to use Dronelink

Sadly, the new version is unusable on Windows 11, I have to uninstall and reinstall the old version.

you can’t uninstall the litchi mission hub, as its a web based app, I think you are getting confused with "Virtual Litchi Mission" which is a pc based app

Sorry, my bad. Yes indeed, it was referred to the Virtual Litchi Mission.

This may be a stupid question, I hope so, I use the mission hub on Google Chrome. After recent update, I can’t figure out how to zoom in, used to double-click and it would zoom. Or moving from one waypoint to the next, would also do it. What am I missing?

Double-click to zoom? I have not heard of that. I have always used the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

If it wasn’t that like Google maps, maybe there was a +/-, but I’ve never had a problem zooming until the update. Because of my disability, I use a trackball and voice software, so I’ve never had a scroll wheel, never had the issue before.

Zoom feature has been re-added.

Thank you! Old saying is true, you never know how much you miss something until it’s gone. :slight_smile:

Are there other keyboard shortcuts for zoom? I hope that doesn’t get in the way for other users, maybe zoom & other features could be toggled in settings?

We just added a new way to zoom using the UP and DOWN keyboard arrows.
“+/-” only affects the desktop version and should not be a downgrade for other users.

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Hi guys, it would be very useful to have the possibility to add folders in the list of saved missions. Thanks Marco

I have an issue with the update setting the height of the Point of Interest. When setting the POI at 20’ above ground it always shows up very high in the sky. In order to have it rest at the top of the building I am shooting I need to set the height at -1000 or so, depending on the height of the first way point. This is a different behavior than in the past. Is there a setting I am missing? I select the Above ground box in the POI setup box.