Mission Hub and Smart Controller

I have been looking at every bit of info or video on the matter of transferring a waypoint mission from my pc to a smart controller. I have compiled the mission,
I download it in the PC (I can see it in Google Earth Pro).
If I save it I’ve managed to get it to be seen on the smart controller under files but can get no further with it. It won’t load, open or save on the Smart Controller. I must be doing something wrong. I also get an error message that I need Google play on the SC, but never required it before.
Could anyone be so kind as to post a “Step by Step” description of how I should be doing it. I’m intending to use it on my Mavic Air2.
Many thanks.

What version of Litchi is installed on your SC (including the last letter) ?

Is that number

I’m confused…

In May 2023 you wrote:
“I have it working on my Android Tablet and synctd it but it has stopped working on my Smart Controller which was a specific download from Amazon, but its no longer available. If I go to Litchi site I would have to pay for a third time.”

Which means that you do know that missions get synced automatically when you are logged in in the Mission Hub & Litchi app with the same Litchi Account and connected to the internet.

Now you are trying all kind of weird steps to copy/move missions to your SC.

Did you recover your Amazon account or did you buy Litchi on Amazon a third time?

The fact that you get the message you need Google Play on your SC tells me you have installed the Google version on your SC, NOT the Amazon version.

Step 1: Install the correct version of Litchi
Step 2: Log in with same Litchi account on both your PC and SC.

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