Mini 4k compatible ?

Hello, Is the mini 4k one for exclusive sale on Amazon compatible with lychee?

Here is a thread discussing Litchi and its compatibility with DJI models:

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Ok but has the sdk been published, is there any hope that it will be there?

But, does the SDK include the Mini 4?
I havent seen anything that confirms its inclusion.

If you have seen something, post it.

Careful! I’m talking about the mini 4K, not the mini 4 They are completely different

There is very little information available on the Mini 4K. Some have said that it is an upgrade from the Mini 2 SE. If that is the case, since the Mini 2 SE is not supported by an MSDK, it is doubtful that the Mini 4K is supported by an MSDK. Therefore, Litchi cannot support it.

Until more information is released, we can only guess.

From what I can gather from watching this very good video the mini 4K is basically a mini 2 SE using the Mini 2 4K camera instead of the 2.7K camera, and yes i doubt it will get added to an SDK