Mini 2 waypoints

Hi , i have hard time to take pictures in waypoint mission,i know curves are not allowed but doesnt work
it stop and start the video the video but no pictures , someone can help ,thanks

also would like to know waypoint have to be on normal mode but in case of strong wind will it fight as strong as sport mode or it could be take away by the wind ?

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Make sure you’re not recording when you’re trying to take a photo.
The drone is essentially in Normal mode when in Waypoints so it will not handle wind as strong as in sport mode.

Waypoints are not available in sport mode.

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Thanks Yaroslav, when i start the mission i make it recording and in my waypoint ,one before i need to take a photo i make it stop in the + action next waypoint make it take the photo and next way point restart the video , at the end i get 4 videos that stop and start but no photo ?
do you mean that you can not record in a mission that you want to take pictures ?
thanks, Gordon

thanks for the reply bpa

You can schedule “video recording stop” + “photo” + “video recording start” at one point

You need to ensure that the mission is set as a straight line mission in the mission settings if you want to use actions

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i did what you said but no photos! i’m with android app ,dont know if can make a difference?

Hi, yes i was , it really stop and start the video ,i see the icon taking a picture but just video in the file

I have not tried it but I would suggest configuring these actions at a waypoint to see if it makes a difference:

  1. Stop recording
  2. Wait for 1 second
  3. Take photo
  4. Wait for 1 second
  5. Start recording

Let us know if this works.

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Hi, thanks wesbarris i will give a try ,now the weather is not good but i will let you know
just to be sure this command are all for the same waypoint ?

Yes they would all be for the same waypoint, just make sure the mission is set to straight line mission

Yep, maybe tommorow i will be able to make it fly , for sure give you feedback!

My suggestion is to use these multiple actions at each waypoint where you want to stop recording video to take a photo, then resume taking video. So, if you have 5 waypoints where you want to do this, you would set up these multiple actions at all 5 of those waypoints. I hope this makes sense.

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THANKS ! wesbarris , i couldnt wait , i did a small mission to try , was snowing and about 30kmh wind but was succesful!
i did exactly what you said and it worked just fine !
at the same time would like to thanks everyone who tried to help me on this


You can use the simulator and not leave the house in bad weather


Hey! bpa , a simulator in litchi app?
and you can do a mission that you already saved ?
thanks, Gordon

I already wrote to you about actions at points.

To turn on the simulator, you need to turn on the drone, and click on the bar at the top of the screen. The caption will change color to purple and the message “simulator” will be displayed. Further, all actions are as in a real flight, but the drone will not fly.


Exactly!! I would like Litchi devs to react and actively implement user requested features!
I paid for the app, and now I’m disappointed.

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This very forum is a way to help us prioritise development of the most wanted features. We are always working to improve the app, unfortunately things may not be moving as fast as everyone wants, this is partly due to limited resources.