Mini 2, problem with "follow mode" if the drone shoots from the front

Follow mode works very poorly if the mini 2 drone is watching you from the front - I set the value to 4 meters in height and 4 meters ahead of me, so the drone was constantly 1-1.5 meters away from me, not 4, and because of this I did not get into the frame. When tracking from the side with the same parameters, there were no problems - the set parameters of 4 meters in height and 4 meters from my side were in principle observed +/-. (mostly)

Are you referring to Follow or track. Follow follows the RC, not by camera image.

Even the application from dji limits this mode to a minimum of 5 meters height and distance. But dji fly didn’t give you that feature at all.
You want too much.

@DroneGuy & bpa: It’s obvious that both of you don’t know the difference between Follow & Track.
@DroneGuy: The parameters Seeker mentioned are NOT available in Track-mode.
@bpa: The minimum height of 5m only aplies to Track-mode.

I think that the combination of speed/backwards flying/GPS accuracie of the smart device/drone are the culprit.
Defenitely something Litchi should look at.
If this deviation is consistant you can always set a greater distance (for the time being).


I am good at track and follow modes.

There are no restrictions for litchi. This is what you don’t understand

The restrictions are in the SDK, Litchi can’t override them.

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To get what you want, you need to take off from the ground, not from your hand, and set the height of the object to shift the position of the gimbal. Movement speed is also important.

It is also possible to deceive the height of an object if you take off from the ground, but raise your smartphone high, for example, raise your hands, or climb a car

Litchi does not use the built-in track or follow mode, even if the drone has this feature. Their mode is virtual stick control, like in fpv mode. And for him there are no restrictions.

In the follow mode, there is an option to adjust the height of the object to be followed manually, and it works - the camera changes the angle, BUT, as I wrote earlier, the problem is that when tracking from the side, the parameters of the distance I selected are generally observed, namely 4 (5) meters from the side and 4 meters high, and in the mode when I direct the drone in front of me, it stays 1.5 meters away from me, although the specified parameters for the distance remain the same (4 * 5 meters)

Do you hear what I am writing to you? The height of the object is set to 0 in the settings, you take off with your hand, and when you move forward, you get a higher height of -2m. Make the drone height 30m and the drone will point correctly.

How will he guess where you will move if he is in front of you

You probably don’t read what I’m writing. The drone works/will shoot correctly if it flies parallel to me with the parameters I described earlier (4 *4 meters), but as soon as I move the drone using the compass function ahead of me so that it shoots me from the front, the drone does not withstand these perameters and flies too close to me. The options also have a check mark like “follow the course”. And why did you decide that I need a range of 30 meters, I want to shoot with the parameters that I have already specified?

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Because in this case he is chasing, and when he is in front he always needs to move faster than you, but he cannot guess your speed. It’s impossible.

This is the same as pulling a trailer for a car behind a car, or pushing it forward. Try this experience.

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The drone somehow “guesses” my speed and direction when it’s watching me from the side or from behind, why doesn’t this happen when it’s in front, I’m sure this is a problem in the application. Obviously, this functionality is far from ideal, to put it mildly, and there is something to work on further.

And I found another serious problem, when moving the drone using the “compass” from the side to the front, it starts to change height, although I do not touch the sticks of the remote control. Here’s what happened: I was walking at a brisk pace, the drone was in follow mode 6 meters to my left and at a height of about 5 meters, in general, it was more or less in time for me to be +/- in the center of the frame (almost… ) and so I decide to move the drone forward using the “compass” function, in order for him to shoot me from the front, the drone began to move And lower the height itself, as a result, he himself lowered the height from 6 meters to about 1 meter, and almost crashed into a car in the parking lot!!! I didn’t touch anything except the compass, the drone ITSELF changed the altitude very significantly, someone might say that if I flew at an altitude of 30 meters, it wouldn’t be significant, but even if he himself dropped from 30 meters to 25, there are often treetops there and… then we all understand what can happen. That is, in addition to the fact that the drone itself changes the distance that you indicated to it, it also changes the height very significantly - not by 0.5-1 meter, but by 5 meters, I now imagine that your drone is flying on the main road or parallel to it, you assume that a height of 6-7 meters and a distance of 7-10 meters is quite enough, you move the drone forward and then it suddenly begins to drop sharply right in front of you and shorten the distance to 2-3 meters… Obviously, the algorithms work poorly and they need to be fixed, I hope that the developers will hear me and solve this problem. Even at a car speed of 20 km / h, this situation can lead to an accident. I am not going to/I was going to use the above option at a speed of 40 km.h and higher, but at a speed of 20-25 km. h. I would like to count on it…

Do you have it turned on follow terrain?

40км/ч mini 2 and must not fly. Such characteristics

The phone when moving calculates the direction of the course and the speed with which the drone will have to catch up with the phone.

But when the drone is in front, it needs not to catch up, but to move even faster than the phone in order to have time to be ahead. The logic of the litchi is correct, dji generally refused such a function, but you bought a drone from dji

Does your mobile device has a barometer/pressure sensor? If not then that could be why. Without this sensor, it will use the GPS altitude which won’t be as accurate.
Regardless if the altitude dropped most likely it is due to bad data from the altitude reported by your mobile device. You can disable Follow Terrain if you want to avoid that problem

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Yes, I used follow terrain, but I didn’t go down, there was no vertical change of the control panel, I always stayed at the same height. The model of my smartphone is honor 20 pro and it has an accelerometer. All the sensor in my smartphone is turned on. I was really scared when the drone almost crashed into the car, as it was supposed to be at a height of 6 meters, which did not imply a collision. I understand perfectly well that we will allow an error of 0.5-1 meter when positioning the drone, but not 4-5 meters!!! At that moment, the number of satellites was 25, which should be enough for positioning in the parameters 0.5-1 meter. And there were no problems with positioning in place or even just in motion - the drone kept the altitude and distance from me very accurately until I changed the shooting direction to shooting from the front. Obviously there is a problem here.

barometer measures altitude