Media Gallery not working mini SE

Hi all,

Juat got the litchi app a few days a go. The Media Gallery seems to be bugged, when I open it, I only see the date ‘30 nov 1979’ and no media.
When I click the black area above ‘JPG - single’, it looks like it starts loading an image, but the area just stays black and nothing happens.
Googled, couldnt find anyone with this problem before.
All permissions granted.
Drone is DJI mini SE, FairPhone4, Android12.

Can ofc excess the media by inserting the sdcard into a reader, but I need the media Gallery in the app to stitch panoramas I believe.
See screenshot.

Any help? Thanks

The android version of Litchi doesn’t stitch panoramas.

Tiež mi to dnes urobilo ako píšete, ale na druhý krát nacitalo všetky fotografie aj tie ktoré boli urobené v DJI app.