Media Transfer From Litchi to Mobile Device

I’ve experienced a problem with Litchi (latest version) when attempting to transfer pictures or video from my DJI Mini SE drone to my connected Lenovo M8 Tablet. Has anyone had success at this function? All my screen does is sit blank with a whirling circle but never completes anything. The only way I can see the picture/video files is to remove the SD card from the drone and insert it into my computer.

Sometimes the Media Gallery is empty immediately after flying, keep the drone connected and restart Litchi, then try again.
Give it some time to download and build the previews before you tap the download button.

Thanks for the reply but you didn’t mention whether you’ve had success at this transfer process, is that correct? Approximately how long did it take to complete the process once you entered the screen where you could see thumbnail pix. I’ve waited up to 10 minutes without success. That’s way too long for this process to begin/complete without some visual indication that the transfer is occurring.

Building the previews (thumbnails) in the Media Gallery takes only a few seconds.
When you want to download a picture, tap on the thumbnail, the picture will be displayed fullscreen, wait until the word ‘(Preview)’ changes in ‘(Original)’, then tap the download button (a cloud with a down-pointing arrow).

To visualize everything I published a screenrecording of the whole process on Youtube:

I viewed the YouTube video and it’s very helpful, thanks but… so far my Litchi software doesn’t do what the video shows. When I click on the icon to begin the transfer process NOTHING happens but it shows me a date back in the 1960’s. That’s very strange. I may need to reload the Litchi software if I can’t get it to work the way you described.

I have good news. I uninstalled Litchi from my Lenovo M8 Tablet with Android 10 and reinstalled Litchi and wa-la, it works as you described in your video. Thanks for sticking with me through this matter.

Thanks for that video. Just wondering - is this a feature only available on the Android version? I do not see the “Media gallery” button in my iOS version…

That’s correct. Android only (for now?).