Mavic Air1 and Litchi

does the Litchi app (beta, or gold?) that contains “Follow Me” mode (the one that tracks the controller) work with Mavic Air1 and if so, which app should I install on the phone?

Thx and best, C

I speculate that all of Litchi’s functionality works with the Mavic Air1. I own a pair of Mavic Air1s and have flown Litchi waypoint missions with both of them performing flawlessly, so by extrapolation, I will venture a guess that “Follow Me” mode will indeed work with the Mavic Air1.

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The standard Litchi app, available on:

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App store
  • Amazon App store

For a brief tutorial on the Follow Mode, have a look at this link:

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Thx a lot.
Do you, perhaps, know, whether will Mavic Air fly without RC Cable with Lightning Connector and I can use any USB cable?

I think you only need to connect your Mavic Airv 1’s RC controller using an Apple Lightning connector if your smart device is an Apple iPad or iPhone. With an Android smart device, a cable terminating in an Android connector is what you will require. I hope I didn’t misunderstand your question.

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