Mavic air on a jetski using Iphone

Hi there
I’m a Litchi Newbie.
I’m trying to use my Mavic Air to record footage on my jetski and figured that the Follow function on Litchi would be good for that. I’ve got a couple of questions

  1. Rather than using the dynamic homepoint function I would like to use a fixed point so that the drone returns to that point when it’s out of power/ loses signal. It’s really hard to catch a drone on a jetski. Would using a fixed home point give me any problems

  2. Is there anyway I can use the Iphone without a controller attached ? You can do that with the mavic air using DJI but I’m struggling to see any way to do it on Litchi.

  3. Any other hints and tips for using Litchi over water ?

Spark, Phantom 3 Standard, Mavic Air/Pro drones that can only be used with a phone

You don’t have enough drone speed to chase

The problem is that you don’t have enough range to fly the drone.

I think you’re better off using magic leash for this. And your friend to control the drone. But only for android


  1. Fixed Home Point should not give any problems. The aircarft will behave the same way as using the DJI-GO4 App.

  2. During Follow Mode the aircraft follows the GPS location of your phone. This location is constantly transmitted to the drone. Since you don’t have the Enhanced Wi-Fi of the crontroller, chances are the drone will loose you much quicker AND Loss of control signal will occur much quicker in which case the aircraft will return to the Home Point.
    Theoretically it should work.

  3. The downward sensors don’t work well while flying over water (Page 18 in the Mavic Air User Manual).

Controlling the Aircraft with a Mobile Device:
Page 44 in the Mavic Air User Manual

Switching (linking) to Remote controller:
Page 39 in the Mavic Air User Manual

Did you try Active Track in the GO4 App ?

Mavic Air User Manual Download Page:


Thanks for these points.
I did try Active Tracking in DJI, however it kept losing me. I wondered if using the Litchi Follow function would work better as it would be following a beacon . I should stress that I’m only going at 20 mph so the Mavic should be able to keep up

I use Litchi’s Follow Mode while riding my bike and there are no obstacles.
While walking in a forrest I use GO4’s Active Track because of the active obstacle avoidence with APAS-2.

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You can count on a speed of 28 . With obstacle avoidance disabled. No wind.

28kph with obstacle avoidance ENABLED.
Mavic Air Sensing Speed

Oh this is excellent

And with the sensors disabled, what is the speed?

Do your own research, mister know-it-all.

But the problem is that the native application will not allow you to enable active track when the obstacle avoidance sensors are turned off.
And litchi will lose the object at that speed.

It’s written in your instructions.

So why do you even ask?
Besides that, I didn’t write instructions.

It’s NO problem at all.
The poster asked questions about the Follow Mode in Litchi.

In Follow mode Litchi will never lose the object, it may get out of frame, that’s all.
I’m sure he will figure that out as he goes and lower his speed to below 17.9 mph.

And why did you write to use active track?

In any mode
Litchi stops tracking and the drone freezes in place when it can’t keep up due to high speed.

The instructions say that the safe speed with the included sensors is 22. And the maximum is 28.8

And also the author asked if it is possible to use only the phone. Yes, you can, but the range will be limited to 100 meters.

In reality, 80 meters, but for a speed of about 50 meters.

Here we go again…
Whe are talking about Follow Mode, NOT Track Mode.
To quote yourself:
“Can’t you read, or are you stupid?”

So what…

I already answered that in post #5

To quote yourself:
“Can’t you read, or are you stupid?”

Max speed 28 kph in any mode

Like a cat on a hot tin roof.