Mavic air on a jetski using Iphone

OK. Try to make more speed.

I ASKED if he had TRIED active track.

Again to quote yourself:
“Can’t you read or are you stupid?”

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Yes, you are the stupid one. no question

I could burst with proud for you.

Thanks all for your feedback so far.
I should have been a bit more clear about the jetski. I’m using it with a Hoverboard as shown in the photo. I don’t really go above 15mph although as you can see I fly up to 20 feet in the air.

I’ve taken the feedback about Magic Leash on board and procured an old waterproof Android phone which I would plan to stick in my wetsuit pocket.

Am I right in thinking there is no limit on how far the android can be from the controller ? If the controller was on shore it could be 400 meters away,

Need a very stable connection between the drone and the smartphone being tracked

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The drone has to be connected to the remote controller at all time.
The transmission between the 2 android devices happens by internet connection.

Instructions can be found here:

and here:

Super. The remote control sends commands to the drone where to fly, the smallest communication problems (400m :joy:) and the drone will twitch, as it is now happening with everyone with missions on all dji mini and others.

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And here it turns out 400m through 4g and another 400m through the remote control - smartphone - drone and back + 400m

The instruction is excellent. Read it and maybe learn how to use litchi

If you exceed the allowed speed, the drone will stop and will not pursue. If the GPS accuracy becomes unacceptable, the drone will also stop. It’s very dangerous over water

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It’s too bad “Follow Mode” doesn’t work if the Air 1 (or the Spark or MP1 presumably) isn’t connected to the RC.

What could be the reason for this since Tracking works without the DJI 100 meter limit?

2 Reasons:

  1. When the drone gets disconnected from the RC the drone will either RTH, Hover or Land depending on your settings.
  2. Follow Modes uses the GPS location of your phone (device) to follow wich has to be send to the drone continuously.

That beeing said, because of reason #1, Tracking also does NOT work when the drone is disconnected.

Thanks for pitching in, to your points :

  1. Can’t see disconnections as being a huge issue since you aren’t going to be following from a large distance normally, they could limit it to 30 meters to stay on the safe side. As for RTH (can be dynamic)/Hover/Land it’s the same potential issue for Tracking and there is no limit in Litchi and the phone probably works a lot harder than in “Follow Mode” to keep analyzing the subject.
  2. The RC wouldn’t help with that ?

Well I suppose Litchi did some testing and decided against it but it would have been interesting to read their comments about it, if only in passing in the manual with a note saying that “Follow Me” requires the RC for reasons xyz.

Your response doesn’t match what you said in your first post, which was:

To re-state what Tribar said: Follow Mode only works while the drone is connected to the controller.

Are you now asking a different question about why you are having connection problems?

Right, my question was/is, why does “Follow Mode” require the RC. TriBar then offered some reasons as to why that might be and I continued the discussion.

If you’re interested in being able to hand catch your drones from boats etc, have a look at these catch handles that are made a by a commercial drone operator in Liverpool, Uk.