Manual adjustment during mission

I created a waypoint mission on a camping site where we stay. My goal is to fly with a fixed speed on a fixed height (2 meters from base waypoint 1). To set the starting waypoint I noticed in Google maps the big trees are covering the baseground. I manage to set all points and checked the longitude and latitude coordinates by walking to the desired spots (waypoints).
I saved the mission and loaded the file.
After starting the mission I noticed that the drone would hit the building on the left side (between waypoint 2 and 3) so I abborted the mission and altered waypoint 2.
After a new start the drone almost hit a tree at the rightside between the same waypoints.
My question: is it possible to manually adjust the mission (flight) during the execution of the mission.
There is a 10 m accuracy marge, as I read in other topics, thats the reason for the deviation I pressume.
So the 10 meter accuracy is the thing that spoil the mission.
Because of the low speed (2 km/h) I want to execute this automaticly rather than manually because of the consistincy.

No you can’t.

But perhaps this method could be a solution:

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Hello TriBar, Thank you for the swift reply.
Your answer is clear, I’m only a DJI mini se owner so there is no solution other than manualy execute this waypoint mission. Regards.