Magic Leash - Anyone using?

Could someone explain how Magic Leash communicates between the controller and the secondary device?
I use a tablet connected to my controller for flying. The tablet only has wifi, no cellular. Could I hand over to my phone running the Magic Leash app and have the drone follow me/phone while the controller/tablet remains in its original location? If so, how far away can the phone and controller/tablet be from each other?

If you make an Internet access point. And if there is enough wifi distance

So its connecting using cellular data? I make a hotspot on the phone and connect the tablet to the hotspot?

Magic leash and litchi communicate over the internet

OK, thanks for the info.

“how Magic Leash communicates between the controller and the secondary device?”
There is NO communication between the controller and the secondary device, only between the two devices via WiFi.

There’s NO need for an internet connection.

Read the instructions and watch the video in the Online User Guide:

and/or watch the video on YouTube:

Thanks, read that and watched the video. The manual says “Both mobile devices must be connected to the internet for Magic Leash to work.”

Mobile data is off, here’s what the app says

Yes, but it won’t work either. :slight_smile:

Actually mobile internet through wifi, let you enjoy magic leash about 100 meters

Isn’t there a difference between connection to the internet - and devices being connected via wifi network?

MagicLeash requires devices connected by wifi - but that wifi network does not rely upon actual connection to the internet, does it?

At least that is how I understand via reading and watching……

I can’t try as I am an iOS user - and I am jealous of this neat bit of functionality on Android, for sure!

If your internet works via wifi, then there is no difference.

Out in the field, Magic Leash will work as long as the devices are connected to the same wifi network (hotspot) and without internet access, right?

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That’s how i understand it as well, even though I’ve never used it (not had the necessity)

No and no again. Magic leash connects via the Internet.

teamviewer works the same way

So if one is flying where there is no cell service, Magic Leash is not functionable?

Also, must be risk of a lot of latency if the communication between devices goes through the internet……

What happens if cell service is interrupted on either device during a Magic Leash flight?

I’d like to see the User Guide enhanced in order to fully educate users of exactly how the devices communicate.

TramViewer? Are you suggesting that Litchi provides server connections between the devices?

Does the mission hub over the Internet surprise you? Why magic leash can’t work over the internet

I think the user manual explains how magic leash works.

Litchi Magic Leash allows the subject of the Follow mode to be a different mobile device from that which is connected to the RC. In other words the aircraft will follow a mobile device that is not connected to the RC. Both mobile devices must be connected to the internet for Magic Leash to work.

Not sure how much you know about the internet, client-side processing, server-side processing etc. - but there is a huge difference in engineering, design and functionality between the Mission Hub and Team Viewer.

So again I will ask: do you think Litchi is providing server-based processing that is similar to Team Viewer’s?

If actual internet access is required, Magic Leash will not be available if either device cannot get cell service - and for users who pay for data, use of the function will cost $.

If flying a Magic Leash flight - and one or both devices lose cell service, what happens?

Now, I don’t know the answers and the design is surely what it is - I simply think Litchi should weigh in here - and for future users, the functionality, along with its limits, should be disclosed in the User Guide.

If your position is that no enhancement to the User Guide is needed, you can surely take that position.

Personally, I think it good for vendors to minimize negative surprises to their customers - and clear and full documentation can minimize negative surprises to customers and prospective customers.

But - neither you nor I make that decision for Litchi. Litchi will make that decision - I hope they consider the needs of their customers, both current and prospective ones.

Take care !!

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