Litchi refuse mission with waypoints > 850m

Can anybody give advice.
When I have a mission and either the start, end or any way-point is further than 850m from the controller, Litchi refuse to execute the mission, even though at 800m I still have full bars connection and just 1 bar video transfer down, thus it is not a signal issue.
Also if I (controller) by any chance lose contact with the drone, it just stop and hover, surely it should carry on with the mission, maybe the drone is not using on-board GPS and relying on controller?
Settings issue on both?

What drone are you using ?

hi @Jacques

Here is some useful info about various drones, which ones will support on-board waypoints and which ones are supported by Litchi.

Also, this info about the Litchi setting for ‘loss of signal’
Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss : When enabled, waypoint missions will end when signal is lost. When that happens, the drone will then execute the failsafe procedure (which can be changed with the “Signal Lost Behavior” setting). This setting cannot be changed for newer DJI drones (Mavic Mini 1, Mini 2, Mini SE, Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S) as they are not able to continue waypoint missions beyond signal range.

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OK am using the DJI Mini 2 with great success with Litchi otherwise.

Totally understood, but I still have very strong signal, as mentioned, full bars on drone and controller, only the video feed that went down with 1 bar.
I have flown much further without problems using DjiFly

It wouldn’t be a signal issue. You are probably bumping up against a limit in the SDK. What is the error message that you are getting? See this post for known limits:

Your first waypoint should be placed relatively close to your launch location because all configured waypoint heights will be affected by any difference in height between the launch location and the ground elevation under waypoint 1.

Your Mini 2 depends on a constant connection between the drone and the controller to execute waypoint missions. If the connection is lost the “Signal Lost Behavior” procedure should be triggered. Check to see what you have that configured to be.

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