Litchi Pilot beta 312--Unable to take off

Litchi Pilot beta 312 gives me the warning “Unable to take off” when I’m connected to my mini 3 pro. I cannot start the propellers. Everything else on the app seems functional and I connect to the aircraft without problem. I had no issues with the previous beta. My mini 3 pro has fully updated firmware. My phone is a fully updated-Samsung S10+. I have re-installed the beta app and cleared the cache and data. DJI Fly and the regular litchi app all work properly.

Can anyone help me figure out why I’m getting this message?

Have the same issue with the Samsung s23 previous version still works on a Samsung s21

Check your flight location, with DJI if you’re in a restricted zone or on the border of one it won’t start. I have this once in a while where I can move 20 feet one way or the other and it won’t start. If DJI has you in a no fly zone you can’t start. Go to the DJI unlocking page and see what’s in your area

That is very strange. No take off issues with DJI’s app at same location and same time?
Which country are you taking off from?

I’ve Got good satellite reception. I just took off from the same location using DJI Fly. I’m in uncontrolled airspace. DJI flysafe has no “zones” in this area. My mini 2 has no issues with this location when using the regular Litchi app.

Any thoughts on why Pilot won’t allow me to take off?

it might be a bug with the latest DJI SDK update. we will ask DJI
a workaround in the meantime would be to use the previous build 301 which you can download here

Build 301 allows me to start propellers. This is the same location and equipment where build 312 would not let me take off.

Thank you Vico!

For Litchi users who drive older cars and thus prefer older versions of Litchi, would it be possible to sidestep all upgrades beyond Build 301 to avoid getting snagged in the ever-widening DJI No Fly Zone net? Enquiring minds demand to know.

With all due respect… My issue is only with Litchi Pilot beta build 312. The DJI Fly app, and Litchi allowed me to fly.

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Litchi Pilot beta is only for DJI mini 3 and mini 3 pro

Get message “app not installed as package appears to be invalid”

did you uninstall build 312 first?

The take off issue is most likely related to remote ID. Have you given permission to Litchi Pilot to get your mobile device location? Litchi Pilot should ask about this when you first start the app, alternatively you should be able to enable the Location permission in the mobile device’s Settings - Apps - Litchi Pilot - Permissions. This permission may be required by DJI’s latest SDK in order to activate remote ID and allow taking off.

I did uninstall build 312 first before installing build 301.

I ensured that Litchi Pilot had location permission when I had build 312 installed. I still got the “unable to take off” error. I have the same permissions enabled now that I’ve rolled back to build 301 and the app works OK–I executed a short waypoint mission yesterday without issue.

I’m pretty sure location permissions is not the issue for me with build 312.

Still investigating this
Are you logged in to your DJI account in DJI Fly? I suspect you are if you managed to take off with it…
Which DJI firmware version is on your Mini 3 Pro?
Also please check to make sure you tested with the latest DJI Fly version 1.13.4

I am logged in to my dji account in DJI Fly. I am on the latest version of firmware for my Mini 3 Pro. I am on DJI Fly version 1.13.4. I can fly my mini 2 with Litchi. I can fly my Mini 3 Pro with DJI Fly. I can fly my Mini 3 Pro with any version of Litchi Pilot other than beta 312. I can fly my Mini 3 Pro with either my DJI RC or with DJI Fly on my smartphone with the RC-N1. I’ve tested all this with DJI Fly version 1.13.4.

In short, everything works on my equipment except for Litchi Pilot beta 312.

Vico, I thank you sincerely for continuing to help me.

When this last happened to me, I concluded it had been caused by the app being offline (massive dropout of mobile data on that day confirmed later after my trying to clean the motors and stuff). I also sometimes solve the issue by opening the DJI Fly app for a while where a similar message appears to be subsequently replace with a message in the sense that takeoff is permitted. I then simply close DJI Fly, open the Litchi app, and voila: no problem to take off…

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Thanks for the reply. However, I have ensured that the app is on-line and I still get the “unable to take off”

Did you try opening the DJI Fly app first, closing it on seeing that, or testing whether, the aircraft can fly using it, and only then opening the Litchi app in turn?