Litchi Pilot beta 312--Unable to take off

Yes, I have done that sequence. It does not fix the issue.

Yes, to all the above! “Unable to take off” have tried every sequence, this must be with the 312 build. Can only fly DJI fly. Litchi Pilot disabled

I’ts good to know I’m not the only one! John_Vitali, would you mind sharing which drone and phone you use?

We have an alpha version of DJI’s SDK to test which should fix this issue. Anyone that is affected by this issue, please contact us at using your Litchi account email, then we’ll send you a test apk

This issue should be fixed in build 321

I am trying to run Litchi Pilot with a Kindle Fire 10, which is Hot Spot connected to my cell phone for GPS location. I also get the “Unable to take off” message. Will build 321 solve this problem too?