Litchi phone app improperly cutting out right of camera frame

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to fix Litchi from cutting out the right side of the camera image, resulting in my images being off center. I have a DJI Mini 2 and am shooting in 4:3, my phone is a Google Pixel 6a

Here is my screen on my phone and the actual image:

See how much further to the right of the carboard block that the actual image goes? It looks like it goes higher too

Is there some sort of digital zoom on the phone that I’ve accidently activated? How do I fix? Thanks

I would recommend re-installing Litchi, the black bars left and right are too wide.
And/or possibly installing the older version 4.25.0 of Litchi:
You can download it here:

Thanks for the response. I reinstalled the old version and no avail. Would an even older version possibly work?

I don’t think so.
Try restarting the Pixel 6a.
If that doesn’t resolve the issue, it might be related specifically to the Pixel 6a.

thanks, must be a 6a issue as restarting doesn’t help. Hopefully they update soon

You can try changing the screen resolution of the phone (Settings/Screen/Resolution).
Since Full HD (FHD/1080p) is the highest resolution the camera image is transmitted (Occusync), there’s no need for a higher screen resolution.
You could even try 720p.

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