Litchi only connecting at 2.4 GHz on Mini SE (maybe)

When connecting to the Mini SE, the frequency is always 2.4 GHz. I can Switch to 5.8GHz, but when leaving the screen and going back, it has reverted to 2.4Ghz

  1. 5.8GHz is allowed in my region (UK)
  2. The FLY App is set to 5.8GHz, and reconnects when toggling the freq. to 2.4GHz and back
  3. Litchi does not appear to reconnect when toggling the freq.

My questions are:

  1. Is this simply a interface bug and it is actually connecting at 5.4Ghz as specified in the FLY App,
  2. Can I genuinely only use 2.4Ghz to the Mini SE in Litchi
  3. How can I change the freq. using Litchi

Have a look at this topic:

Thanks @TriBar, I went and re-read that post and it dawned on me that by manually selecting a channel outside those available for 2.4 GHz, I would see what is going on.

When I manually select a channel in the FLY app, it is reflected in Litchi, but the frequency presented in Litchi remains at 2.4 GHz
As the manual channel I selected is outside of the 2.4 GHz channel range, I suspect this is a bug in the Mini SE version and it is in fact using 5.8 GHz in Litchi.
Not sure how to definitively prove this either way though

Where do you see 2.4ghz in litchi?

After connecting to the drone, it is under
at the bottom

Do you see the frequency or channel number? Why are you writing the frequency?

You see both, Wanted to use 5.8GHz as it is generally faster that 2.4GHz at the ranges I fly.