Litchi on DJI Mini 3 Pro - new user

Hello from Atlanta -

I just learned about Litchi from an article in sUAV News.

I have a DJI Mini 3 Pro that I’d like to add to my photogrammetry fleet.

After looking over the Litchi website and this forum, I can’t tell if Litchi is ready for the Mini 3 Pro, of if it’s still in beta and requires Litchi Pilot.

There’s a post here that says the beta program is full.

Can someone please explain the current status of Litchi for the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Many thanks!

Litchi Pilot is still in beta.
Here’s the dedicated thread:

Thank you Yordie -

I scanned this thread - it’s pretty long - so I wasn’t really able to tell if there had been changes to the program announced since the thread started.

I found on the Litchi website that I could sign up as a “beta tester” - which I did. It said I’d get an update to the Litchi app sent to my phone.

I don’t know if this means I’ll get the “Litchi Pilot” app that works with my DJI Mini 3 Pro, or something else.

If you can clarify, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

That’s the Litchi app, not the Litchi Pilot app.
The Litchi app is not compatible with the mini 3 series drones.

Thank you Yordie -

So I’ll need the Litchi Pilot app - which is in beta - to use Litchi with my Mini 3 Pro.

And according to the first comment on the thread you shared, the beta program is full - so there’s no way to get a copy of the Litchi Pilot app.

Do I have this about correct?

Would you happen to know what to expect when the beta completes? For example, will the new capabilities be added to the Litchi app - or will a separate app always be required for the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

I don’t suppose there’s some sort of “waiting list” for the beta program. So it would be helpful to have some sort of idea how long the official version will take to be released.

Once again - many thanks!

Yep that’s correct, the beta program is full, so you’ll have to wait till it comes out of beta to use it with your mini 3

I’m sending a mission to the app, but when I execute the mission the drone stops in the air and doesn’t follow the route.
the DJI mini 3 climbs the requested altitude but does not follow the route

It would be helpful if you will share the mission. Users can see all of the mission and waypoint parameters.

Is it a problem with only one mission or other waypoint missions also?