Litchi Mission on DJI Mini 4 Pro

The DJI Mini 4 Pro supports a Waypoint flight.
However, you cannot install Litchi on an RC2 controller with a monitor.
It would be great to plan the flight conveniently on the computer using Litchi and then transfer the mission to the DJI Mini 4 Pro, load the mission in Waypoint mode and fly it.

That is correct. It supports on-board waypoint missions.

That is also correct. The RC2 is not designed to have 3rd party apps installed.

The main reason that cannot be done directly is because DJI has not released the MSDK which would enable 3rd-party software developers to support that drone.

As an alternative, one may use Litchi’s Mission Hub to design a waypoint mission then convert that mission to a DJI Fly waypoint mission and load it into the RC2. A converter to do that may be found here:


You can preplan missions on the Screened Controller/Controller Phone/Tablet.
It is nice working on Larger displays though.

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Assuming the SDK is released, is the recommendation for litchi users with mini 4 pro to use a separate controller (the RC-N2) to play litchi missions and features, or is the RC2 controller-with-screen such a good experience that converting litchi to RC2 format (with your utilities perhaps?) is the preferrable route?

Context: I am offered a 2ndhand Mini 4 Pro combo bundle, good price but I’ve been using litchi for a year+ now and not sure I want to abandon that system :slight_smile:

That’s going to be a call that only the owner can make.

If one was an IOS user, they would have to get an Android flying device in addition to the drone. So with that added expense, they might consider going with the RC2 and living with the extra burden of manually converting and transferring their missions to the RC2.

If one already had an Android phone or tablet, it might be wiser to get an RC-N2 so that they could use Litchi seamlessly.

I have not checked to see if stand-alone RC-N2 controllers are readily available. That would allow you to grab that Mini Pro combo bundle and then pick up an extra controller.

Could you indicate which of the utilities on the link you posted performs the conversion ?

Litchi Mission to DJI Fly or Pilot 2 Waypoints

It’s a bit complicated but it works! Saved a mission on Litchi Hub and moved to DJI Fly, it worked with no problems!

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I’m french user of a Mini 4 Pro disappointed by the impossiblility to use Litchi with that drone. I know how to create a waypoints mission on Litchi Hub. But could you explain me how you move it to the Dji Fly, or give me a link to a tutorial. I must precise that I have a DJI RC-N1 used with my iPhone or iPad mini.
Thanks a lot for your answer

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Here you will find detailed instructions and usefull links.

TriBar provided a link to the full instructions. If you want a “quick start” guide, here it is:

DJI Fly does not provide an import function. However, there is a manual way to import an externally-created KMZ file into the DJI Fly waypoint data store. The only way to perform this import is to replace an existing waypoint file. Therefore, before proceeding to the following steps, create a “dummy” waypoint mission on the DJI RC (or RC Pro) that you will replace with the externally-created waypoint mission. This procedure requires some manual steps and is outlined below.

  1. Connect your DJI RC (or RC Pro) to your computer and power on the RC. Your computer will be used to navigate the RC (or RC Pro) file system.
  2. The waypoint files are stored in the following folder on the RC:
  3. Android/data/dji.go.v5/files/waypoint
  4. Using the modification times of the folders, identify the most recently-created folder. This folder will contain the “dummy” waypoint mission that will be replaced.
  5. Note: The folders shown are named using GUIDs/UUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers).
  6. Example GUID/UUID: 550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000
  7. Waypoint missions are stored in a KMZ file inside of these folders. The basename of the KMZ file will be the same as the folder name containing it.
  8. Example: 550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000.KMZ
  9. It may be desired to copy this name and temporarily store it in a temporary text file.
  10. Optionally copy the KMZ file to the computer then delete the KMZ file from the folder.
  11. Copy the externally-created KMZ file into this folder and rename it so that it is named exactly like the KMZ file that was just deleted.
  12. Disconnect the DJI RC (or RC Pro) from your computer.

When the saved waypoint missions are viewed using DJI Fly, notice that “dummy” waypoint mission still looks as if it has not been changed or updated. To see the newly imported mission, select the mission to bring it into the DJI Fly waypoint editor. At this point the thumbnail image will update and the mission displayed should be the externally-created mission that was just loaded.

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I followed the links and instructions and so I created a mission and could import it in DJI Fly ; as you said it’s not so easy with the renaming of files/foders !
A dream would be a similar product for orbital and panorama missions :wink:
Thanks one more time !

Hi Dubau, please follow this YT video and let me know if you have any problem!


Thank you for this videogram; excellent step-by-step work of this procedure; and for a non-English speaker a well-articulated commentary which makes the approach completely intelligible!

Salut @Dubau
As some friends had also asked me for a tutorial in French, I did one this morning.


J’espérais aussi en revenant vers Litchi pour créer les missions contourner ce qui me semble être abandonné par DJI Fly : avoir des segments de vol sans courbe ! Mais bien que le tracé les élimine, la conversion remet ces courbes !

I also hoped by returning to Litchi to create the missions to bypass what seems to me to be abandoned by DJI Fly: having flight segments without curves! But although the plot eliminates them, the conversion puts these curves back!

From the information available, it appears that there are some tools and workarounds within the Litchi community that might help you achieve the desired straight flight segments. For instance, there’s a tool mentioned in the Litchi Forum that can generate grid designs for missions, which might offer a solution to your problem

T’as pas le choix dans DJI Fly mais si tu veux éviter les courbes, il suffit de rajouter des points pour avoir des angles quasi droits…

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Voilà qui est ingénieux ! Merci ++ !