Litchi Mission on DJI Mini 4 Pro

The DJI Mini 4 Pro supports a Waypoint flight.
However, you cannot install Litchi on an RC2 controller with a monitor.
It would be great to plan the flight conveniently on the computer using Litchi and then transfer the mission to the DJI Mini 4 Pro, load the mission in Waypoint mode and fly it.

That is correct. It supports on-board waypoint missions.

That is also correct. The RC2 is not designed to have 3rd party apps installed.

The main reason that cannot be done directly is because DJI has not released the MSDK which would enable 3rd-party software developers to support that drone.

As an alternative, one may use Litchi’s Mission Hub to design a waypoint mission then convert that mission to a DJI Fly waypoint mission and load it into the RC2. A converter to do that may be found here:


You can preplan missions on the Screened Controller/Controller Phone/Tablet.
It is nice working on Larger displays though.

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Assuming the SDK is released, is the recommendation for litchi users with mini 4 pro to use a separate controller (the RC-N2) to play litchi missions and features, or is the RC2 controller-with-screen such a good experience that converting litchi to RC2 format (with your utilities perhaps?) is the preferrable route?

Context: I am offered a 2ndhand Mini 4 Pro combo bundle, good price but I’ve been using litchi for a year+ now and not sure I want to abandon that system :slight_smile:

That’s going to be a call that only the owner can make.

If one was an IOS user, they would have to get an Android flying device in addition to the drone. So with that added expense, they might consider going with the RC2 and living with the extra burden of manually converting and transferring their missions to the RC2.

If one already had an Android phone or tablet, it might be wiser to get an RC-N2 so that they could use Litchi seamlessly.

I have not checked to see if stand-alone RC-N2 controllers are readily available. That would allow you to grab that Mini Pro combo bundle and then pick up an extra controller.