Litchi, DJI Smart Controller & the AIr 2S

Does the DJI Smart Controller (NOT the PRO) have enough “computing power” to handle Litchi’s “virtual stick waypoint missions” on the Air 2S? I know it’s not the “best” but is it sufficient?

Hello TBlazer07, I would say yes due to the lack of problems flying with Litchi using fairly basic and often inexpensive phones and tablets. If you can use the DJI Fly app with no problems, then you should be okay since the Virtual Stick Commands are actually a DJI and not a Litchi setup.

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Well, I guess this topic has gone way off course quickly! :slight_smile:

Thank you Steve…will work on this…

Thanks Steve. I understand what you are saying but I am trying to find someone who has actually used the SC with Litchi and what their experience was. :slightly_smiling_face: V

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I use Smart Controller with Air 2S. Working better like original software.
On DJI Fly i got freeze screen almost every 10 sec, on Litchi all working.