How to make iPhone work with FPV?

Hello Steve or any knowledgeable pilot…, I have the Air2S with Smart Controller. My phone is a iphone 13promax. I downloaded the Litchi App on my cell because I want to attach a cheap pair of goggles to fly FPV. Can you please tell me the ABC’s of connecting each component. For some reason, I was not able to get the Litchi App to connect to my iphone via Bluetooth. Thank you in advance. My email is:

Hi @Lenny, here is the link to the VR section of the user guide. Also you can use the SEARCH Function in the upper right screen to check out prior discussions on using VR Mode. Not sure why you are having trouble connecting, BUT you can use the search function again to check out CONNECTION Issues other pilots have experienced. Here is the Litchi User Guide Instructions for connection to your drone. Connecting Litchi to your drone:

First, ensure you are using the latest DJI firmwares on both your drone and remote controller if you are using one. You can update the firmware using DJI Fly/Go, or for older drone models download them from Then, depending on your mobile platform, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure no DJI-based apps (including DJI Fly, DJI Go and other third party apps) are running in the background. If there are any, close them
  2. Start your drone and remote controller if you are using one, and let them initialize for a few seconds
  3. Connect the remote controller to the mobile device using a cable. For Wi-Fi based drones (Phantom 3 Standard/4K or Spark), connect to the Wi-Fi network of the drone instead
  4. Start Litchi.
    Follow the steps below for more info.
    Help - Litchi
    I hope this helps.
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I have moved this to its own thread.

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Hi Steve……

I tried everything from the user guide…… to re-cap…

I have the AIR2S with smart controller
I have the iPhone 13 Promax

I downloaded the Litchi app to my iPhone because I want to try FPV with the cheap VR goggles.

The smart controller and the goggles did connect to my phone’s Bluetooth.

No matter what I do, I’ve read the Litchi instructions, I connected a USB from smart controller to the iPhone and the connection is green. ( like it’s charging)

However the Litchi app does not connect.
……:man_shrugging:. Are there any other ABC suggestions?

Thank you all in advance……

You have to install and use litchi vue on your phone (and litchi on your smart controller).


Thank you Yordie….

If i download Litchi on the smart controller ( android)
And Litchi Vue on my smartphone ( iPhone 13 promax)
It will work?

Yes it will work, but you have to buy and instal litchi from the amazon app store for the smart controller, the play store version does NOT work on DJI monitors.