Litchi - CE of FCC mode check

Is it possible in Litchi to check/monitor (as in Dji Fly), the type of transmission - CE or FCC?

The answer is currently NO. This is a list of functions that you will need your DJI app for, thanks to TriBar who is one of our Forum Leaders.


Mar '22

You need the DJI App for:
-Activating a new drone.
-Firmare updates.
-Unlocking No-Fly-Zones
-Calibrating (if needed) the IMU.
-(Re)Naming the drone.
-Some MC settings.
-Some obstacle avoidance settings.
-Gain & Expo tuning.
-Some Remote controller settings:
-Stick Mode
-5D button customization.
-Remote controller calibration.
-Remote controller linking.
-Read the Sensors State.
-Image transmission settings.
-Aircraft battery settings.
-Payload setting.
-Beginner Mode.

Perhaps others can complement this list.

The main goal of Litchi is to add functionality, NOT to replace the DJI App.

Respectfully, but I disagree…
Adding the ability to monitor broadcast in Litchi IS a functionality improvement!
Regarding the replacement - Litchi has replaced the Dji Fly on daily basis use, a long time ago (for me).
Regardless of all that I said, I don’t see why Litchi shouldn’t replace Dji Fly, unless there is some restrictive condition mentioned in the Dji SDK user agreement, or the development team has other goals.
Best regards!

While people may use Litchi exclusively instead of DJI Fly, Go, or Go4, Litchi cannot completely replace all of the functionality of the DJI applications. This is for a couple of reasons.

  1. The SDK, upon which Litchi is built, may not provide access to every function implemented in the DJI apps. Therefore, it may not be possible for Litchi to replace the DJI app.
  2. The purpose of Litchi is to extend the capabilities of your drone, not to completely replace the DJI software. While Litchi has implemented the most “important” functions provided by a flying app (how ever you define “important”), there will always some functions (such as those listed above) that are not implemented.

One could argue that certain new features would be an improvement (for them), Litchi must consider what features are possible given the limitations of the SDK and what features would be an improvement for most people.

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Sorry for the ignorance, are You a member of Litchi development team?

No. I am a long-time user with a bit of experience with Litchi.

Thanks, that’s enough.

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