Litchi and my Mini se

ok, so im reading that litchi app and pilot doesnt work with the mini se, i bought it under the impression that it did. I have only tried litchi WP locally and never finished a mission, I put that down to the fact that there are 3 towers surrounding the property.
Can someone clarify for me please, whether litchi will ever work with my mini se.

Litchi works with the Mini SE.
This website gives info about each model, its type of waypoint support, etc.
Since the Mini SE is a VSC control drone, it is more susceptible to interference from things, such as towers.

As @Sam_G says it does work with the Mini SE However if you have a MINI2 SE you’re out of luck with ANY 3rd party app, as DJI haven’t included it in either SDK

Thanks all, getting mixed up with mini 2se

@David_Pyrah ,
Subtle differences, yes.
This will explain more, if you havent already read it.