Why doesn’t Litchi support the Mini 2 SE?

In order for Litchi (or any other app developer such as Maven or Dronelink) to support a drone, that drone must first be supported by a software library of functions called an SDK (Software Development Kit). Depending on the circumstances, it may take DJI up to a year to provide support for a new drone in their SDK.

Normally, one would think that because the DJI Mini 2 is already supported by the SDK, and the Mini 2 SE differs from the Mini 2 only in its camera, that it should be trivial to add SDK support for the Mini 2 SE. While this may be true, it is complicated by the timing of the release of the Mini 2 SE.

The Mini 2 is supported by SDK version 4. After the Mini 2 drone was released and after support for it was added to the SDKv4, DJI introduced a totally new rewrite of the SDK and called it version 5. DJI also stated that no more development would continue on SDKv4.

That unfortunate sequence of events left the Mini 2 SE orphaned between SDKv4 and SDKv5. On one hand, it would be trivial to add support for it in SDKv4. However, DJI is now only actively developing in SDKv5.

There are only two ways support for the Mini 2 SE can be provided:

  1. DJI would need to resume development work in SDKv4 adding support for the Mini 2 SE
  2. DJI would need to add Mini 2 SE support in SDKv5

It is unclear if DJI will do either.


I assume then that, as DJI no longer is supporting sdkv4, there will never be a fix for gallery problem. Am I correct in assuming this?


I think that is a safe assumption to make, Yes.

Hello, unfortunately I didn’t read the forum before, but I’ve just bought Litchi for my DJI MINI 2 SE: is it possible to ask for a refund, please?
I have already written to support@flylitch.com but the email address seems to be NOT FOUND… can anyone help me, please?

The correct email address is → support@flylitchi.com

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Thanks a lot! I try this one

Hi! Any update regarding this issue? I just bought a Mini 2 SE as well but now it seems no Litchi can be used.

That is correct, and nothing litchi can do about it as DJI didn’t add it to an SDK