Litchi_4.21.0-g always crashes

I have xiaomi 10t pro and mavic 2 pro. When i open application 4.21.0 for the first time it works normally. When I close it and open it again, always crashes. It does not open. What happens;

Does it crash at the very start or after the 100% database download?
Have you checked known issues? Known Issues with current release versions

after the 100% database download.

  • Rare startup crash on Chinese branded devices (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc) Known issue in DJI SDK which DJI says will be fixed in the next SDK update. Workaround: create second user space/account on mobile device and install Litchi on that second user space/account
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So what exactly should I do? Forgive me I do not understand: (Workaround: create second user space/account on mobile device and install Litchi on that second user space/account)

Please check Second Space on Xiaomi smartphones: How to use, take backup and erase data

I made it, I put the application but again the same. It opens first, I adjust it but then it crashes and does not open.

Did you uninstall Litchi and then install it under the new second space?
It should normally work

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Yes i did. is a folder being created in the storage and should i delete it? If so who is it?

All apps have their own data folder, I am not sure why you want to delete it

Does this old data folder cause the problem? I do not know what else to do or guess.

Everyone who has the crash at 100% database can solve it by installing the app in a second space/profile. Sorry I do not have another solution for now. We hope DJI will soon release a new SDK version, they told us they have fixed the bug but we have to wait for them to release the update to fix it in Litchi. Unfortunately with shenzhen entering lockdown recently we may need to wait longer than anticipated

Οκ I’ll wait… Thank you

Hi, i’ve thé same problem with thé mini 2 and my Xiaomi 11T.
I’ve try the second Space but it doesn’t work.
Do you have some news for thèse problème ?
Thank you

Try a newer version, 4.23 is already out

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Thanks :pray: this worked for me …

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The work-around does not work for me on my NUU X6 Plus. I am on version 4.26.0-g