Is it possible to save a waypoint mission with only 1 Waypoint?

Hello all,
Is it possible to save a waypoint mission with only 1 existing waypoint?
I‘m asking because my parent are building a new house and I want to take a photo on the same position with the same camera angle each day.

After finishing of the house I want to do a time lapse video consisting of all those photos.
So there is no need of a second waypoint. I just want to save position and camera angle.

I have to assume that you are asking this question because you have already tried and it doesn’t appear to work. No, you cannot save a waypoint mission with only one waypoint.

What I would suggest is to create a 2-waypoint mission where the first waypoint is near your take-off position (it doesn’t really matter where). Then, position your second waypoint at the location from which you wish to take your photo. Define your camera actions (wait 1 second, take photo) at that second waypoint.

Be sure to select “Straight Lines” as your “Path Mode” in settings, otherwise, your camera actions will be ignored.


No but what you could do is set one way point as the launch site, then set a second waypoint where you want to take the photo from, other software, this would be possible in



Beat you to it. :grinning:

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I would like to add:

One way to create this mission is by flying it manually, so you are able to precisely frame the photo to be taken.

Read this topic on how to create a waypoint mission whilst flying:

Because all waypoint altitudes are relative to the take-off point, it is important you choose a take-off point that is accessible during the whole shooting period, or at least a take-off point with the same altitude.


A flight plan with a dozen waypoints takes literally a few moments to define with Litchi Mission Hub, and by allowing the drone to circle the house at various heights to capture multiple perspectives, any number of superb still photographs could be recorded.

The wording of your initial post’s title got me wondering about another question. If I only place one single footfall, could I be said to have walked? Just kidding he he.


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Thank you!
In which other software would it be possible?

Its possible in Dronelink, you just place photo component where you want to take photo from, set the POI and fly the mission


I think you are doing something wrong.

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But I agree with others. It is better to make several points with different angles, this will give you more options.

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I can assume that it is not possible to create a 1wp mission in the missin hub and there is no problem in the app. You can check…

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