Installing on multiple Android devices

I was trying to install the app on my Huawei but the device options listed my other phone which is android. Thinking nothing of it carried on installing on my other device which is a Red hydrogen One. This installed fine. However I wanted it on the Huawei and it still won’t let me, it doesn’t list the Huawei as an option… I’m seeing other people with a similar problem and can see if you are changing OS systems you have to purchase again but on Android I believe I should be able to install it on two devices?

I’d be guessing that’s down to the fact that Google play store doesn’t support Huawei phones

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Ahh now theres a thought… It weird how I can download other stuff though as it normally just downloads the APK file and installs it…

Perhaps the Amazon version will work on Huawei, but it’s better to ask Litchi directly:
(email address updated)

The Amazon version also is Android but especially for DJI Screens like P4P+, Smartcontroller, Crystal Sky.
But you stil have to buy it !!
More info on how to install here:

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Cheers man, I tried sending an email to that address but failed as if it didn’t exist. I can’t seem to find another email address anywhere!

However I did follow the Amazon route as you mentioned and installed it, just had to pay again which is a bit of a pain but at least it all seems to work!
Thanks for that … :slight_smile: