I can't connect my Litchi to the Samsung tablet at 7

Could someone help me turn on my DJI mini 2 gSE drone if he recognizes the control I can move his gimbell by the control but he doesn’t give an image of the camera I’ve done everything and nothing solves if someone helps me I’m grateful he appears this message I always warn aircraft not connected to the RC

Litchi does not support the Mini 2 SE. That is why there is no camera view.

And you know if one day you will have the version for it because I even bought the app thinking it would work

Search this forum for “Mini 2 SE”.

A list of all compatible drones is on Litchi’s web-page:

I explain why the Mini 2 SE is not supported here:

Thank you very much for the help so just wait for the sdk to come out for the mini 2 SE right?

Well, if you read the post that I wrote, it suggests that DJI probably has no intention of adding support for the Mini 2 SE.

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