How to set up ev manually. With manual settings

For all dji devices. With automatic camera settings, ev is set manually. However, with manual camera settings, ev is set automatically, and often darkens photos and videos. How to set up manually?

you adjust the other manual srttings, till the ev value = 0

In manual mode, changing ev is not available

I would like to set ev=0 permanently, how can I do that?

as you adjust the combination of iso and shutter speed, the ev value will change, to check it out set iso at 100 and then adjust the shutter speed up and down and watch the ev value

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Yes. But when shooting at night, ev automatically takes negative values. After shooting, I have to raise the exposure for the video in post-processing.

Perhaps the litchi developers can remove this automatic exposure and make it completely manual settings

if shooting in low light conditions then use a faster iso setting, all of this has nothing to do with litchi, it’s basic rules of photograpy

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Those. ev manually, I can only set it with iso autotuning. Conversely, with manual iso settings, ev is set automatically.

For photography, you can fix it in post-processing. But for video shooting, it is impossible to set the shutter speed to less than 1/30, while also auto-tuning ev = -2.0. Blurred video cannot be fixed.

so increase the iso setting to achieve an ev of 0, you can increase the video iso up to 3200, if you can’t get an ev of 0 with that and 1/30 shutter speed then it must be virtually pitch black

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Then there is more noise in the picture. And the street lights are too bright. I shoot at night with iso 1600

@paxxa, there is a trade off when you film in low light. The Phantom Film School shows that as you gain more ability to film in low light, then yes there will be more “noise” in the picture/video. Choose the settings that give you the best compromise.

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Yes, I know. Another option is to select auto mode and record several times. Sometimes the drone itself chooses iso 1600, and sometimes 3200.

Another way is to take photos at 0.1 second intervals. And then collect the video file. So I can set iso 400-800 and shutter speed to 1/10 and get a good picture 4k.
Then I get choppy video, but with the help of software video stabilization, all movements become smooth.

EV is not directly adjustable. It is just a way for the camera to show how well the scene is exposed. You’ll have to adjust the shutter speed and ISO to get it to 0.


Ev is adjusted manually with automatic iso settings.

In that case, you tell the camera the EV value you need, and the camera will automatically adjust.

No, it’s not. ISO adjusts automatically depending on the lighting. Ev is set manually.

That’s what I said. I have a DJI Mini 2, and when it is on the auto camera setting, it adjusts both shutter speed AND iso

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Bit of basic photography theory:

3 things effect correct exposure:

  1. Lens aperture as this how much light can get through the lens, this is normally both fixed and very small on a drone, which is why most hobbyist drones don’t give good low light results.

  2. Shutter speed, controls the length of time that light can get through the lens

  3. The ISO, this is how fast the film (or in digital photography the sensor) can react to the light coming through the lens

The EV reading just shows how close the exposure is to perfect (0), when in auto mode the camera will adjust both the shutter speed and ISO to maintain the EV at 0

When in manual mode the camera operator(drone pilot) will adjust either the shutter speed or the ISO to get the EV to 0

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