How to get fluid transitions from POI to POI with Waypoints

New user here. Recently purchased the app and I’m currently working on learning Waypoints and POI. I’ve built a Waypoints route that basically follows my property line, which is about 3.5 acres and square-ish. I’ve also placed several POIs on the property so that the drone/camera focuses on different things throughout the flight. Overall, that part was simple enough to figure out.

However, while replaying the video, I noticed that the drone will briefly stop at a waypoint in order to change camera orientation to the next POI. What I’d like for it to do is gradually look from 1 POI to the next while moving between Waypoints without stopping. Is this possible?

Mavic Air 2
Galaxy S22 Ultra
Android 13
Litchi v 4.26.2-g


Welcome @Brew_Swayne ,
There are things you can do to make a more pleasing video.
One thing to try is the ‘Path Mode’ in the mission settings.

Path Mode : Choose between “Straight Lines” where the aircraft will go straight to each waypoint then turn, or “Curved Turns” where the aircraft will not stop at waypoints and instead take curved turns (how large the curved turns are depends on each waypoint’s curved size setting).

Another way to get help and advice is to share your mission on here.
Here is a topic with some good instructions.

I’ve tried Straight and curved turns and its the same on both. Can’t get a smooth flight at all with Litchi unless It’s flying in a straight line with no turns. I’ve also tried at a slow speed, 1MPH and faster speeds. Nothing seems to work. I think it’s because the flight plan is NOT being uploaded to the drone and it’s using VSC which is prone to interruptions from signal loss. Going to try flight plan with the DJI Fly app, to see if it gives the same issue.

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