How to create panorama foto on litchi

Hello, yesterday I took a panoramic photo with a drone (Dj mini 2) using the litchi software not the program that comes with the particular drone. Τhe drone took 28 photos if i remember correctly and it stopped there the panoramic photo didn’t come out like the normal drone program does.Why does this happen i need to do some setting. Inside the drone’s memory card there are 28 photos as simple photos and not as a panorama as his own program did

Automatic panorama stitching is only supported in the iOS version of Litchi, not the android version,

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Download bimostich. And make a real 100mp panorama than those 2000x1000 that dji fly offers you.


I use, cyberlink foto editor. Under panorama merge foto.
Part of, cyberlink365
If it,s worth the yearly payment ?

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But cyberlink cannot be installed on a smartphone


I use this app end the problems is solved