Auto stitch panorama on android

i just wanna ask if there will be an update for android users with auto stitch for panorama? im not an ios user. im using mm1. thanks a lot!

Yep! Waiting for this too! Something like Panorama → Sphere in DJI Fly app, and some other types of panorama too! I would like to also able to trigger an auto stitching panorama from Waypoints.


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I agree, it would be very nice to be able to create a panorama fully automatically on Android, including a nice sky!

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Suggest you team-up on this one with Bimostitch

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Hi. I’m a new drone user and I tried my first spherical panorama today with PTgui. I used jpg’s from the sed card. There were many stitching errors and a large hole at the zenith (top). Is this normal with the fly litchi apps pictures? The DJI pics stitched perfectly in the app but didn’t save the jpg’s so I couldn’t try the same thing in PTgui…


DJI drones can’t take a photo of the top, so the hole is normal. It has to be filled, which is what Litchi for iOS does (and DJI Fly too). Regarding stitching errors, it should not happen normally as long as you did not shoot in very windy conditions

there’s no auto stitch on android version when using panorama

Yeah this would be great to have auto stitching on android, without it panorama might as well be removed as it serves no purpose


I would also like to see this feature.

While we wait, is there a way to create a sphere view on Android? Is there an app that will do this?

Also, on iOS you can create and view spherical photos but you can’t share them. Is there a way to share these creations so that you could send a spherical photo to a friend and they could view it. I can send the stitched photo but it is just a static warped image. The recipient can’t pan around.

Is there a way to share the spherical photos?

You can share them on iOS - using Google Photos or Facebook, please check the user guide at Help - Litchi
" 5. Share: Tap to share the panorama. 360 panoramas will be shared in a spherical viewer if the recipient supports it (e.g. Facebook). For the best quality with 360 panoramas, it is suggested to save the pano to your device, then share it using the Google Photos app which supports spherical view."

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Please make this same feature available to android! Please…


You can use Google Street View app on Android.
Open app
Hit Import 360 Photos button
Choose your spherical photo(s)
Wait you will be prompted to profile section
Don’t publish your photo(s) right away
Choose your photo
Hit share icon
Share privately and then choose your app where you want to put it (Facebook for instance)

You are done

I recommend the free “Image Compose Editor 2” from Microsoft for Windows. I only edit pictures at larger screens since you will be able to judge them so much better.

In the meantime I posted this one

which handles the HowTos on pictures, panoramapictures and timelapses. Enjoy !

Just put my vote in :+1:


I’m trying this but I’m getting an error - unable to import
Any ideas?

Still waiting! I’ve made a post about this here, let’s see if we can get a developer to respond!

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I’ve been loving the Litchi app, and it’s now the app that I use 95% of the time. The only reason that it isn’t 100% is the lack of the auto stitch on the android version when using panorama like the DJI Fly app. I’ve tried a lot of other stitcher apps (the one that works best for me is Bimostitch Pro), but it would be nice to have the process natively supported in Litchi.

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You know I spoke with the bismostich support team and apparently they don’t support the use of the drone sensors to help stitch the photo. I’ve sent them a pano 360 photo over Google drive with all 30 something photos and a terrible sample of what their pro app does , and while they gave me tips and advice the biggest issue is that their software can only stitch photos using visual information. So we really need that native auto stitcher on android version .